“My old clunker has been restored to life with TVT.  What happened was, as soon as I poured in the additive, the engine quieted down and began running much smoother.  I am sure that my car is getting better mileage because I can hear and feel the difference.”


Escondido, CA

Bus Driver

Mexicali, Mexico


Johnsburg, IL


Layton, UT

“The manufacturers told us the product would work this way, but you never think it will happen to you.  Fortunately they were telling the truth.  After hitting a rock, we were at risk of getting stuck on the Remurosa Pass because we had lost all the engine oil.  Luckily, we had TVT in the engine and we were able to drive a hundred miles and make it back to headquarters in Mexicali with no oil in the carter!”

“We bought 4 gallons of TVT for our trucks and other work vehicles last spring.  It is by far the most dramatically effective product I have ever seen to condition and protect engines; and I work with specialty chemicals.  When you put it into an engine, it immediately lowers RMP, reduces noise and reduces vibration, so you know that it is working.  Some examples include:


“My truck is an old, noisy beast with over 200,000 miles on it.  It always started real rough, especially when it was cold outside.  After using TVT Green it is significantly quieter and it starts and runs smoother. I’ll be using TVT Green in all my vehicles from now on.”

1996 Harley Davidson Bad Boy motorcycle – cut 30-40% of the vibration and unwanted sound from the engine (not the tail pipe).  It is now fun to ride again!


2008 Bobcat – immediately lowered sound and vibration 20-30% and is now very smooth running


1996 International 4900 Dump Truck with a 7.3 diesel engine – so loud that we couldn’t use the cell phone, after we put in the TVT the noise was cut in half and we could talk freely.


½” Hardened Steele trailer plate hitch – burned out two drill bits and got nowhere, the 3rd  bit we remembered what we were told and decided to dip it in TVT.  It cut through easily and the drill bit was completely fine – very impressed.”










"Your TVT is amazing.  I was given about 12 oz. of TVT to put in my 1999 Ford F150 pickup that I use for work.  The truck was burning and losing oil at about a quart per week rate.  When the truck started making noise and running rough is when I would add new oil.  I put the TVT in the engine like I was told and within 5 minutes noticed the RPMs slow down, the running noise was cut in half and the engine was just operating smoother.


I was impressed at how fast it worked, but wondered what would happen over time.  Well, like I said, I was adding oil once a week when I noticed the engine starting to run loud and rough, but what happened was that it kept running smoothly.  A month had gone by when I realized that I had not added any oil, so I checked the oil level with the dip-stick and was both surprised and not surprised.  I knew it was leaking and there wouldn't be a lot of oil in the engine, but it was dry.  I showed this to my mechanic, who replied that, "this was impossible" and I "better put oil in it immediately or would destroy the truck."  He was very impressed with the TVT.


Now is when it got fun.  I still had 2-3 oz. of the TVT leftover, so I poured it into the engine.  Since I didn't care about the truck, I wanted to see what this stuff could really do (as if it hadn't already blown me away).  I ended up driving the truck with no engine oil in it for over 7,500 miles in all conditions, including going over 85 mph on the highway back and forth from IL to WI.  Not only did I never have problems with the truck, but it ran smoothly, like it was new.  I ended up selling the truck (full disclosure to the new buyer).  The new owner did put oil in it, but was completely satisfied with how nice it ran after fully checking out the vehicle.


I am more than convinced that every vehicle, new or used, should protect their engines and enjoy the benefits of TVT.”




Carpentersville, IL


You should never run an engine without engine oil.

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